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Pectoral augmentation involves placing solid silicone implants beneath the pectoralis major muscle much like breast augmentation in women.Also knows as Pectoral Implant Surgery, breast enhancement surgery involves placing a solid implant behind the existing chest muscle or tissue in order to achieve a fuller appearance.

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Pectoral implants are made from solid silicone, the density of which is very similar to the natural muscles of the chest.Beam offers male breast implants for patients in Glastonbury, New Britain, Hartford and surrounding areas of Connecticut.

A solid silicone implant is inserted under the muscle or the fascia overlying the muscle.

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Pec Implants (Male Chest Implants) commonly referred to as breast implants for men, male chest implants, or pectoral implants, this procedure has seen a dramatic rise in demand the last year.Pectoral augmentation for men can help achieve a fuller, more natural muscular contour by artistically placing implants into the male chest musculature.

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Younai transfers the actual stem cell of the fat to the chest area, so it can grow naturally with your own chest tissues.Male Pectoral Implant for Chest Enhancement in Lahore, Pakistan.

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All other body implants are placed in the subfascial location. (above the muscle) All body implants are done under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure.

Pectoral implant surgery is a method for improving chest contour.Men that cannot build up their chest with routine exercise or men that have lack of pectoral.Pectoral augmentation, also known as pectoral implants, can give the appearance of a larger chest muscle through the use of implants.Michigan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael W. Gray, D.O., a West Bloomfield plastic surgery expert specializes in scarless breast augmentation and traditional breast enlargement using both silicone implants and saline implants.Body implants always perform best (better vascularized tissue cover) when placed into or under muscle but that is only possible for pectoral and buttock implants.Increasing numbers of men are choosing to enhance their physique, body symmetry, and self-image with pectoral implants.

Male Pectoral Augmentation Implants Bellevue Pectoral or Chest muscle augmentation is a procedure performed that increases the size and shape of the male chest.If you would like a better developed chest, implants could help you achieve a stronger, more defined look.Boris Volshteyn MD plastic surgery offices are located in New York and New Jersey.

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You can expect moderate pain for the first two days and the results are instant. Generally.

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Yet there are procedures for men that can give them the strong-looking chest they have always wanted.

Pectoral implants can help offer a natural looking structure to the chest, giving it a more masculine shape and contour.Calf Implants: Get the masculine, sculpted calves of your dreams with calf implants at The Body Sculpting Center.Pectoral Implants: A curved, masculine chest is a highly desired feature. Dr. Philpott can help you achieve a sculpted chest with pectoral implants.Male chest enhancement procedures are used to enhance the appearance of the pectoral muscles by adding volume or removing excess surrounding fat.Male chest implants are soft, but solid silicone implants placed in between the pectoral muscles to add bulk, size, and definition to the chest region.

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However, many of these drug therapies have nasty side effects and require embarrassing trips to the doctor.They look different, they are placed differently, and made out of different materials.If you are looking for a fuller more sculpted look in the chest or pectoral area, our FDA approved silicone implants are a good option.See before and after photos for breast augmentation, body contouring and men-specific surgeries.